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I will be offering the following options for purchasing your pictures. If you want individual pictures the cost will be $5 per picture. Please indicate the file names of the pictures in the text box below. You can get the file names from the photo gallery when you click on your album. The file names are directly below the picture and will be in the format of IMG_xxxx.JPG

The 2nd option I am offering is all of the pictures of you and your dog for $40. If you prefer this option, please click the checkbox below.
All Pictures

The last option that is being offered is if you had multiple dogs (different dog entered both days or a dog per spouse) or had the same dog entered both days I will discount all of your pictures. For that option, all the pictures of all of your dogs for the weekend will be $60. If you choose this option, please list all of your dog's names in the box below.

Payment will be handled through PayPal and the information will be included in the email confirmation you will receive after hitting the send button. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you may have entered your email address incorrectly in the above form. After payment has been received, I will zip up the original, unprocessed pictures and send you a link for direct download of your pictures. Please allow me 1-2 days for this. I cannot do it during the day when I'm at my real job. So I will only be able to do it when at home.