Well, this finally happened.

Luna MACH 1
Luna MACH 1

At 5.5 years old we finally achieved our MACH title under a Malinois judge no less!  We’ve been chipping away at it over the years, but due to not trialing in AKC a lot it’s been slow going.  This year, though, she’s been on fire.  A big cause for that is probably because I dropped her to 24″ this year instead of the 26″ that I had been jumping her at since the beginning.  Our yearly breakdown for QQs is the following:

2012 – 1 QQ
2013 – 5 QQ
2014 – 4 QQ
2015 – 1 QQ
2016 – 9 QQ

She now has top titles in each of the 3 big agility organizations.  She now has her MACH, ADCH, and IWAC titles.  Not that I’m a person who is all about titles, but I still think it’s pretty cool to have all 3 top titles.  Now if I could add a medal from an international event I’d have everything I set out originally to achieve.