The Chronicles of Z – Week 2

Hi everybody!  It’s me, Z, again.  I’m checking in with everybody to let you know about my 2nd week in my new home.

It was a fun week as I get more comfortable with all of my new siblings.  They’re all a lot of fun, but Luna is the most fun!  She plays with me all of the time.  Jane is starting to like me more and we’ve had a few play times that were a lot of fun.  As for Onyx, Dad tells me that she is very tolerant of me.  I don’t understand what he means as every time I try to play with her she smiles at me and talks to me!  Doesn’t that mean she likes me?  She’s so nice that she lets me chew the bone she’s chewing on.  She never lets me take it, though.  No matter how much I try I can never get it.  After a while Luna will come over and invite me to play with her.

Dad took me to a new place this week.  I think he said it’s called the vet.  Not exactly sure what that means.  All I know is that I saw other dogs and new people!  The people were very nice.  They all said I was cute and everybody wanted to pet me.  I liked that!  Dad said he was concerned that I might have something called a UTI.  Dad took me back to a room and this lady came in and started pressing on my stomach.  She said she was trying to get me to pee, but I was going to be a good girl and not pee inside!  Unfortunately, she pressed enough that I eventually couldn’t hold it any longer and went on the floor.  But I tried to tell them I needed to go outside to pee because I went and stood by the door.  Also while we were in there, the lady and my dad were talking about something called vaccinations.  They were trying to figure out if I needed them or not.  Apparently I did as soon after the lady stabbed me with something.  However, thankfully it was quick and it didn’t hurt.  Dad didn’t even need to give me treats to distract me because I’m a big girl now!  They did tell me that I have a UTI and that is why I was finding it so hard to not pee in the house or in my crate.  I get to take some pills with my meals and they said I would be fine very quickly.  I think it’s working as I can hold it for much longer and don’t pee in my crate that much anymore.  Finally, the last thing we did was I got to stand on this thing so they could see how much I weigh.  Dad said I was 15 pounds.  Dad said Luna was 50 pounds so I have a lot of catching up to do!

Dad and I are still playing in the back room every day.  It’s so fun back there!  We play tug a lot.  I think that’s my favorite game.  We play that all of the time.  I haven’t been a big fan of a ball, but tonight I was back there with Luna and she showed me how much fun chasing a ball could be!  I had so much fun.  Dad would throw the ball for me and then throw a ball for Luna.  We would run back and forth between the two rooms.  I hope we get to do that again!  I’m still learning how to pounce on a mat.  It’s becoming a lot more fun to do since I know I’m guaranteed to get some treats if I do it.  Here is an example of how much fun I have doing it!

Dad took our first family photo this week.  I look so small next to my sisters!  He says he is going to take a picture every week of us to chart my growth.  It’s hard to just sit there while he takes a picture.  I just want to move!  But, I stayed long enough for a picture.  How do I look?

Well that’s all I have to talk about this week.  I’ll be back next week to let you know how much fun I had!