The Chronicles of Z – Week 4

4 weeks.  That’s 1 full month I’ve been in my new home.  I’m getting more comfortable everyday and starting to learn the routines of home.  The big news this week is that I woke up one morning and my ears were sticking up!  My dad got all excited and had to take a picture to document.

They still touch because my head isn’t big enough to separate them, but I don’t look like a Border Collie anymore.  Go Team Z’s Ears!

So what else has been going on with me?  My mom and dad have been feeding me different foods recently because I kept having liquid diarrhea.  It wasn’t pretty and it was making me not feel the greatest, but I can say that I never had an accident in the house.  They’ve recently been feeding me what they call a bland diet.  Not sure what that means as what they are feeding me tastes awesome!  I get some turkey, some rice, some yogurt (YUMMY!), and sometimes some pumpkin (BLECH!).  They are much happier with my poop now, but they tell me it can still get better.

My dad says I’m really good about getting into my crate and sleeping through the night. I don’t sing the song of my people any longer and I can hold my bladder all night until my mom wakes up in the morning.  Sometimes she gets up in the middle of the night and wakes ME up to go pee!  I might have to start biting her if she keeps doing that.  I also got woken up one time this week by a weird animal noise.  I had no idea what it was, but it was very interesting.  My dad said it was an owl.  So we went outside to go hunting for it, but couldn’t find it as it wasn’t talking when we were out there.  But as soon as we came back it started talking again!  ARGH!  One day I’ll get it.

Today I also met the scariest thing that has ever existed.  It popped out of the floor and appeared out of nowhere.  My dad calls it a cow udder.  It scared me so much that I wouldn’t go anywhere near it and kept barking at it to scare it away.  My dad was laughing at me and trying to get me to come closer, but I kept trying to tell him to run away as it was going to kill him!  Sometimes he can be so dumb about deadly things.  Mom finally came to the rescue and got rid of it.  One day when I’m bigger I’ll find it and kill it for my family!

As for my training update, dad and I still work every night.  I can circle a pole multiple times without prompting.  Tonight my dad used a traffic cone to test my understanding.  He’s a trickster like that.  At first I thought he just wanted me to touch it with my paws so I tried doing that, but quickly figured out he wanted me to go around it.  It was easy!  I still am very enthusiastic about touching the piece of carpet he puts on the floor sometimes!  Tonight he brought out a board and said we were going to learn something called 2 on 2 off.  It was the first time I had ever seen this board or even what dad was asking me to do.  I quickly figured out what he wanted and OMG I GOT TONS OF SALMON TREATS!!  They are the best.  Dad said I was really smart.  Here’s a quickly sped up video of this 1st time on the board.

Finally, here is our weekly family photos.  I have a normal photo and a special photo.  Dad said I started doing a gopher.  I say I was just excited about tasting these salmon treats for the first time that I just tried to get closer to the source of the treats.