The Chronicles of Z – Week 6

Hi all!  Sorry I missed last week, but my dad went to somewhere called Florida with my sister Luna and he took the laptop.  So I didn’t have a way to post.  He said it was warm and didn’t have any snow.  Why didn’t he take me?!  We have so much snow right now that it almost touches my belly when I walk around in it!  I do love chasing my sister Onyx out in the back field, though.  She doesn’t ever stop running so I have plenty of opportunity to chase her.  I’m going to catch her one day!

On the health front I got my last round of vaccination shots as well as rabies yesterday.  I don’t know why, but this time they hurt. 🙁  I was sore for most of the day yesterday in my left shoulder.  My dad said you could see it was a bit swollen.  He put an ice pad on it and after 30 minutes I felt a lot better.  My dad and mom said my diet restrictions are now over.  Yay!  They determined that my diarrhea was not food based.  They told me they suspect that when I was taking those pills for peeing all of the time that it affected the bacteria in my gut.  They started feeding me yogurt and some powder stuff they called probiotics.  And wouldn’t you know shortly after that I stopped having diarrhea!  I feel so much better now.  My mom was so excited that she kept sending messages to dad while he was in Florida reporting on my poops.  I think dad was happy too since that means I wouldn’t have to avoid some foods.

My dad hasn’t really been teaching me any new tricks, but we have been working on making the ones I know much better.  I’m now an expert waver with both of my hands!  Sometimes I will just sit in front of dad and just start waving at him.  Most of the time that is good enough to get some yummy food!  The one new thing that dad and I have been working on has been how to back up.  I like doing that because I get food and dad keeps saying “beep beep”.  He sounds funny when he says that!  He told me that I need to learn this so I can start knowing that I have a rear end.  I think I know I have one so I don’t know what he’s talking about.  One of the things that we’ve been working on to make better is how to run around things.  Instead of using a pole that we’ve always used my dad brought out a bigger thing he calls a wing and asks me to run around it.  If I run around it I get to chase my tug toy.  Talk about fun!  We don’t have a lot of room so I can’t run really fast, but my dad says soon enough we’ll have more room to do this.  I can’t wait!  Here is a small video of me running around the wing.


Finally, before I sign off for this week here is our weekly family photo showing how big I’m getting!  My dad says I weigh 22.5 pounds and I’m about 16.5″ tall.  Pretty soon I’ll be as big as my sisters!