Onyx and Running Dog Walk

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Running dog walks (RDW).  To do or not to do.  For those of us who have trained one it becomes addicting and we want to train all of our dogs to have one.  For those of us who have trained one it can be frustrating to train one because it can take a long time and sometimes that’s all we get with the dog.  We never get the additional behaviors one would like–turns, lateral distance, […]

Training Onyx

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It has been said that you get the exact dog you need in your life at that moment.  That each dog comes into your life to teach you something new.  Well, despite being just a little over 2 years old, Onyx has taught me a ton in a short amount of time.  The main lesson she has taught me is that I’m a horrible dog trainer and that I need to become a better trainer […]