Olwen Du Loups Du Soleil UUJ OA OAJ DS NW3 – Jane (DOB 2/10/13)

Jane is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois and is a littermate to Onyx.  She is handled and trained exclusively by my wife, Alana.  Jane was intended to be Alana’s agility dog, but in the 2 years she’s had her Jane has become much more than an agility dog.  She competes in nosework in the NACSW organization and has obtained her NW3 title.  After Jane showed no hesitation launching herself from land into a lake she had never been to before, Alana sought out dock diving and found Jane’s “happy place.”  They competed successfully throughout the summer of 2014 and will be taking it up again once the warm weather of 2016 comes.   And finally, Jane does train and compete in agility and she is just beginning her competition career.