Abby NAC-V NW2 CGC (Rescue, DOG 1/12/08 – 5/20/15)

Abby is a Rottweiler and was our first rescue dog.  We rescued her when she was approximately a year old from Mid-American Rottweiler Rescue.  She was adopted to be a companion to our first Rottweiler, Kalil.  While we both tried for years to get her to like agility, it just wasn’t her game.  While she did have fun when training she had a high level of stress at a trial and for years would run out of the ring whenever we attempted to run her at a trial.  Through lots of patience by Alana, Abby finally was able to do agility trials and achieved her first Q at an AKC trial in December of 2014!  Where Abby excelled at, though, was through 2 other ventures.  The first being nosework.  She was a fabulous nosework dog who achieved her NW2 title in 2014.  In February of 2015 she just barely missed out on her NW3 title.  The other area she excelled in and was probably the most important was being the pack leader / alpha dog to all other dogs that came through this house.  She “mothered” 3 Malinois puppies and a Rottweiler puppy foster.  She was absolutely fabulous at this job and I wish she could have done that job forever as it made living with “lunatic” dogs so easy.