Gamblers Challenges

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post Gamblers is always a course that I have to worry about if it matters for something. Some of the joker challenges are definitely doable for us, but then there are some that are definitely a challenge. Over the next 2 months I really need to be working on these distance challenges so that we will be better prepared for what we face in The Netherlands in April. Our biggest challenge in […]

Recent Happenings

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Since I haven’t posted a lot here recently, I thought I’d do a recap of recent goings on.  There are 4 major international events every year that we may or may not target depending on timing.  For AKC/FCI, we have the European Open (EO) and the Agility World Championship (AWC).  For USDAA/IFCS there is the IFCS World Agility Championship.  Finally, for UKI there is the World Agility Open (WAO).  Each of the U.S. agility organizations […]


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I was fortunate enough to run across an incredible agility instructor early on in my agility career that has benefited me tremendously over the years.  Her expert eye and no nonsense attitude meshed well with my learning style and I am where I’m at because of her.  For a lot of competitors they may not ever find that instructor or may not find them until many years after they’ve been competing. Over the past couple […]