Kalil OA OAJ O-WV-N TN-N CGC (9/24/04 – 8/27/12)

Kalil was my first dog I had as an adult and what a first dog he was!  This dog taught me so much in the short amount of time he was here.  He left such an impression on everybody he ever met and befriended.  While we were never hugely successful at agility he never failed to get compliments from other competitors and judges.  My most memorable compliment was received from a judge who said she could feel him running through the floor of the arena we were in.  That’s how powerful and driven he was.  If he could have been 40 pounds lighter he might have been as fast any dog you would ever see.  He loved people, despite the growling he often gave, and was up to do anything.  Unfortunately, in later summer of 2011 he was diagnosed with hystiocytic sarcoma.  The tumor was located in his left shoulder.  We opted to amputate his leg and shoulder to try and prolong his life.  Even missing one leg, he was back to agility less than 4 months later and if you weren’t paying attention you thought the dog out there had 4 legs.  He lived his life to the fullest even up until the end and is missed dearly to this day.