Advancing Agility in America

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I’ve felt for quite a while now that it doesn’t feel like agility in America is advancing at a pace that other parts of the world seem to be advancing.  My experiences competing overseas just amplifies that feeling I have.  The courses, the atmosphere, the mentality all seem to be at a different level in this country compared to Europe.  There is nothing necessarily wrong with that as the demographics and audience in America are […]

European Open 2016 Recap

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The 2016 European Open that just concluded marked the 3rd time that Luna and I have traveled to Europe to compete at the event.  The event is probably the largest agility event being held currently.  While it is not the most prestigious event I believe it is by far the hardest event to compete at and actually medal in.  Just the sheer number of competitors means that anything can happen.  On top of that, all […]