The Chronicles of Z – Week 3

Hey all!  It’s been 3 whole weeks since I became a US canine citizen.  3 weeks seems like it’s been forever.  In those 3 weeks I’ve had a lot of fun with my family.  I thought I had a big back yard, but this week we went past the big fence and HOLY COW there is so much open space I didn’t know quite what to do.  So I ran and ran.  I chased after my sisters.  I really like chasing Onyx.  She’s always running so it’s real easy for me to chase her.  I played ball with my dad. It’s even more fun outside chasing a ball compared to doing it inside the house.  Unfortunately, my dad had to take my ball away from me a couple of times because I got so distracted that I didn’t come back to him when he called my name.  It’s so much easier doing that inside, but out in the field there is just so much going on I lose my mind!  I always got my ball back, though, because I eventually would find my brain.

I finished taking all of my pills that they told me would help me with my pee accidents.  I think it’s helped a ton because I’m peeing a lot less times every day and almost always do it outside.  I only go inside when mom and dad don’t listen to what I’m telling them and I have no choice.  And I haven’t had any accidents in my crate the whole week!

My dad an I have are still learning things every night.  My dad showed me what he called “my leash.”  I didn’t like it because he puts it around my neck and tightens it up.  I thought he was trying to kill me by choking me!  But I was fooling him because I knew if I pretended I didn’t like it he would give me treats to start liking it.  And boy did I get a lot of treats!  He also said we could play tug with it and that was a lot of fun!  Today my dad brought in two new things to our play room.  He brought in what he calls the “puppy teeter.”  All I know is that when I step on it that it tips back and forth.  It was a lot of fun!  I kept going back and forth over it since it would make noise and then I would get a lot of treats for it.  He also showed me what he called a skateboard.  He said I was going to learn how to use it.  Every time I would put my feet on the board it would roll away from me.  It was really hard to use.  I’m sure I’ll learn how to use it eventually, though.

Our weekly family photo is below.  You can definitely tell I’ve gotten taller!  My dad says I’m 15″ now.

Until next week.  Goodbye!