Gamblers Challenges

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post Gamblers is always a course that I have to worry about if it matters for something. Some of the joker challenges are definitely doable for us, but then there are some that are definitely a challenge. Over the next 2 months I really need to be working on these distance challenges so that we will be better prepared for what we face in The Netherlands in April. Our biggest challenge in […]

Recent Happenings

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Since I haven’t posted a lot here recently, I thought I’d do a recap of recent goings on.  There are 4 major international events every year that we may or may not target depending on timing.  For AKC/FCI, we have the European Open (EO) and the Agility World Championship (AWC).  For USDAA/IFCS there is the IFCS World Agility Championship.  Finally, for UKI there is the World Agility Open (WAO).  Each of the U.S. agility organizations […]


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I was fortunate enough to run across an incredible agility instructor early on in my agility career that has benefited me tremendously over the years.  Her expert eye and no nonsense attitude meshed well with my learning style and I am where I’m at because of her.  For a lot of competitors they may not ever find that instructor or may not find them until many years after they’ve been competing. Over the past couple […]

EO 2016 Tryouts

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  The EO 2016 tryouts were held this past weekend in Middleton, WI at Canine Sports Zone.  Luna and I attended trying to earn our way on for a 3rd year in a row for a chance to compete in France at the end of July 2016.  If we’re fortunate enough to earn a spot on the team, I hope the 3rd time is the charm for us at the European Open event.  As for the […]

Cynosports 2015

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I had some high personal expectations going into the 2015 Cynosport World Games.  After 2 straight years of attending the European Open as well as further refinement of my handling as well as more experience overall I thought we could do really well at this event.  So, with that, I had some goals that I wanted to reach. Goal #1 was to make at least 1 final.  Goal #2 was to place in at least one final. […]

New Blog for New Real Life Home

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I started a new blog that will serve a specific function.  My wife and I just bought a new home a little over a week ago and I wanted to track all the changes we’re making to our new home.  We are doing a lot to fix it up and make it what we want.  We are, of course, also buying all the agility equipment as we will now be able to walk out into […]

Clearing the Cobwebs

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It’s been a long time since I posted on here.  My last post was right before I left for Germany to compete at the European Open which was the middle of July.  Since then I’ve started quite a few posts, but haven’t finished them.  I start writing on a topic, but inevitably don’t finish it because what I have been thinking about and started writing about with regards to agility probably will piss some people […]

European Open 2015 Here We Come!

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything here agility related.  The last time I posted about agility it was a few days before heading up to Minnesota to attend the AKC World Team Tryouts.  That was all the way back at the end of April!  Since then I started writing new posts, but never could seem to finish them.  So that’s how I get all the way into the middle of July without […]

RIP Abby – 01/07-05/20/15

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As almost all of my friends know, we lost our Rottweiler, Abby, suddenly almost a week ago.  I wrote a little bit on my Facebook about her, but thought I’d collect my thoughts and expand on them a little bit here.  Though she never ended up being a “sport” dog like I had hoped she would grow into she held a special spot in this house that ended up being way more important than any […]

ITT 2015 Thoughts and Musings

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In less than 24 hours Luna and I will pile into the car and set off to drive to Minneapolis for our 2nd AKC International Team Tryout event.  Last year was our first time going and we did well enough to be selected to join the 2014 EO team that traveled to Hungary.  Since the EO, my perspective on agility has changed tremendously.  As I get ready to head to ITT, I wanted to write down […]